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Why E-Commerce Businesses Need Live Chat Support?

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As indicated in a review report, 14 percent of online retailers in the United States & UK offer live chat support as a medium for customer support. In a recent study it was found and observed that very few UK retailers offered live chat as a customer benefit channel, and a range of nearly 18 percent of retailers offered access to live chat support in whatever remains of Europe.
Live chat is the online bolster benefit that provides instant point assistance to buyers seeking prompt, real-time assistance from a client. It appears regularly as a little content box on internet business premises or specialist co-ops that says, “how may I help you?

What is e-commerce live chat?

The introduction of live chat in e-commerce stores has revolutionized the industry.

Providing your customers with real-time support is important to improving the shopping experience, boosting sales, and retaining them.

Live chat has been proven to increase conversion rates, average order values, and lifetime value for customers who message you via live chat.

Additionally, live chat has been the most popular customer support channel for years.

While many e-commerce stores provide live chats on their websites, they do not use the option despite customer preference.

Our team thought it would be a good idea to highlight the 7 most important benefits of live chat if you’re one of them.

Now let’s get started!

Importance Of Real Time Live Chat Support ?

It is the work off-site in the construction industry which can be responsible for much of the business. Construction companies need to be in a position to contact prospective customers. If not, then securing jobs and projects can cause problems. In addition, construction companies need to be accessible to their current customers, to communicate concerns, dealings and other important issues related to the project. Outsourcing the answering service will help give an advantage over rivals to your building or contracting services.

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Importance Of Real Time Live Chat Support

As you can see, the most well-known contact technique from the research or study or survey is written, with a normal 91 per cent of every online shop offering contact via email or contact us form. If we look at the current situation, this figure should be much higher as the retailers and businesses move and adapt at a much faster pace.
When it came to the decision to call or use live chat, over 60 % of millennials liked using the 24/7 live chat support when they needed to ask a query.

Easy For Customers To Use

An online live chat service system provides consumers with timely access to support bid. Hold up times are often significantly less than a phone support and customers can do multiple tasks while holding up without much of a stretch. In comparison, the agony of dialing a 1-800 number and making binary options through a maze is non-existent.

Expenses are Relatively Low:

Live chat service has proved consistently that it can save money on both representative time and phone costs. The absolute cost savings that stand out most are:
Live chat reduces the costs of general touch emphasis by reducing the usual costs of communication.
Increases efficiency by simultaneously allowing live chat agents to deal with different chats, thus reducing the need to contract more live chat agents.

Live Chat Offers An Edge To Your Competition:

It gives the business more edge over your competitors. This way a business can be one step ahead of its competitors as it has allowed the customers to reach them before placing their order. Using live chat on their sites almost doubles the chances of sales being lead generation. That is one of many reasons e-commerce businesses need support for live chat.

Benefits of LiveChat for e-commerce stores

  • You should provide your customers with instant service
  • Give customers a frictionless way to resolve issues
  • The ability to serve multiple customers simultaneously
  • Utilize customers’ shopping history to provide personalized service
  • Make your life easier by automating
  • Whether you’re online or offline, capture leads
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team
You should provide your customers with instant service

Decisions about purchases are made in seconds. Your prompt response will make a difference between making a sale and losing it.

Traditionally, you would send a sales assistant over to answer questions about a product in a brick-and-mortar store.

Live chat allows you to recreate the exact same experience for online shoppers.

In the long run, failing to do so could prove costly. It is estimated that 57% of customers abandon their purchase if their questions are not answered within 24 hours.

In other words, most customers will prefer switching to another store with similar offerings than calling or sending an email.

You can provide instant service through a live chat, preventing sales from disappearing.

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Give customers a frictionless way to resolve issues

Suppose you’re at a store and want to know how their exchange policy works. In response, they request that you go home and send them an email.

It’s unlikely you’d do it, isn’t it? Additionally, you may just stop browsing products and leave the store.

To answer your shoppers’ queries, you don’t want to send them to another tab or platform.

Customers can contact you via live chat without interrupting their shopping experience. You can start a live chat with just one click by spotting the live chat window.

Also, you can use the same language as the rest of your website so that customers don’t have to change their mindset in order to continue the conversation.

The ability to serve multiple customers simultaneously

Phone support agents can only handle one customer issue at a time.

However, a single agent can chat with multiple customers at once with live chat.

Also, you can prioritize your queries based on their priority and decide how they should be handled.

No matter what, your customers don’t have to wait in a queue and get their queries answered right away.

Live chat can help you prevent this major pitfall, as 12% of customers complain that support is slow.

Utilize customers’ shopping history to provide personalized service

Customers benefit from live chat by being able to receive personalized service.

Using any of the best live chat apps for ecommerce, you can view valuable customer information like:

  • chat history
  • purchase history
  • the different pages they were browsing
  • and the time spent on each of these pages

Let’s say, for example, you notice a customer is stuck on your checkout page. Help them complete their purchase by clarifying payments, returns, etc. (or whatever issue they’re facing).

By choosing an ecommerce helpdesk with a live chat, you’ll avoid asking unnecessary or repetitive questions to the customer.

Providing you with a lot of context about your customers is even more important. Providing highly personalized suggestions and recommendations based on context can result in amazing shopping experiences.

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Make your life easier by automating

As we’ve already discussed, live chat can save both your customers and agents time.

Most of the best Shopify live chat apps come with powerful automation features, so this goes a step further. There will be features in most of these tools that allow you to:

  • Welcome messages can be sent automatically
  • Make it easier for them to track their own orders
  • Respond with two clicks using customized fast reply templates
  • Create automation rules to handle queries based on certain conditions
  • There is a good chance that a large portion of your queries are repetitive. The ones related to the status of an order, payments, and returns, etc.

However, live chat apps come with automation features that allow this to be done on autopilot. By providing your customers with instant resolutions, your team can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Whether you’re online or offline, capture leads

As you know, customers aren’t only going to visit your store during business hours.

In the same vein, you don’t want to lose leads just because you’re offline.

By setting up an after-hours form on your live chat, you won’t have to.

The system will simply prompt customers to provide their contact information and query. Once your team is online again, they will be able to respond.

You can nurture your relationship and convert visitors into loyal customers by collecting contact information online.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team

If you want to improve the quality of your ecommerce support, you must first understand how well you are doing now.

You can track the performance of your team with live chat apps that provide you with data like:

  • Time to first response
  • Rates of resolution
  • Handling time average
  • The performance of individual agents
  • The level of customer satisfaction

By doing this, you will be able to set benchmarks for your support performance. Keeping on top of what you do well and addressing areas for improvement while doubling down on what you do well.

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